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Industrial flooring systems are applied with emphasis on their chemical resistance to some oil products, against the water pressure, resistance to abrasion and shearing, namely:

Our priority is to provide quality service at a reasonable price with respect to the specific requirements of the customer.

Due to the complexity of this issue, according to the requirements and determining which of the floors to apply, we are using materials made by renowned firms such "Spolek pro chemickou a hutni vyrobu", SIKA, SILICA, SADURIT, Stach, SKW-MBT, XYPEX, VANDEX, ARMOREX PANBEX and so on.

Floor systems carried out by the materials and technologies can be applied in all fields of human activity:

Our floors are having the following characteristics:

Due to the quality knowledge and long time experience of our staff we can propose the most optimal solution to the floor adjustments according to your requirements, to implement in the shortest possible time, thereby minimizing downtime in production in the reconstruction of the floor.

1. Continuous concrete

2. Penetration and coating materials for concrete

3. Transparent coatings

4. Self-smoothing screed

5. Self-smoothing floors

6. Floors made of reaction resins

7. Antistatic floors

8. Application of fiberglass and carbon


We provide services related to tightnes scontrol of piping systems and pressure vessels for the transport and distribution of gaseous and liquid media (oil, water, including sewage and wastewater pipes in the water, gas, diversified chemicals). Our employees are certified by Slovak National Accreditation Service SNAS.


Insulation of roofs are made by using modern systems of plasticised PVC. Foil of PVC can be easily hot-air welded, the joint has the strength, durability and tightness of the original material. They are reliable and watertight in the welds, and are combined in the same way on site and in swimming pools and reservoirs, too. Our employees are trained and have certificates for the application of all materials we use.

Floor based on reaction resins

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